Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sweet Memories

We all have our routines. My husband gets up early , takes the dogs out, gets ready for work and heads out before I even think about getting up. It's been this way for years.
When Fiona joined our family 3 years ago, she would quietly watch the early morning preparations, then , when my husband picked up his bag to leave, she would run to the door to say good-bye. So cute.
Now Bonnie is here. It took her a little while to figure things out, as her mind is in a million different places at once. (ah like her great-grandfather)
Always trying to push her way in, or beat the other Beardies to something, she has now decided that she also will be included in the morning "good-bye" .
At first Fiona was not impressed. (but then it takes a lot to impress her) For a few days she would stay hidden, displeased that her little sister was stealing her thunder AND her Daddy's good-bye. She got over it(as she does most things...she is a very reflective soul and obviously had to muddle things through) and now they both wait till they hear that bag being lifted up, and run to the back door to say bye to Dad as he leaves for work.
I am awake most mornings, waiting to drift back to sleep.The house is beginning to settle back in, quiet once again taking over. I can hear my husband as he makes his lunch and collects his things. Then I hear eight Beardie feet running for the kitchen and the back door. It is silent....except for the whispers and the murmurs of my husband, who softly kisses his girls and tells them to be good and take care of Mommy. It is a memory that I will treasure, even though I am not really "there".

It is the small moments, not the big ones that weave our lives together. Grandson Frankie laughing or watching the dogs delight in him being able to touch them( they go nutso, ok, but delight sounded so much nicer) Relaxing with friends, laughing over nothing, finding you have a few moments in the day to just do nothing....

Go forth and appreciate the sweet moments, make some great memories, big and small, and above all else be thankful we have them.

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